RevoFit Lanyard™ is the simplest lanyard/locking system for your patients to use.

RevoFit Lanyard

Our patented design makes the RevoFit Lanyard the most patient friendly solution on the market. The patient simply turns the Boa dial to completely draw their limb into the socket. At the same time the system aligns their liner, locks the socket and stores the cord.

Just twist & go!

The RevoFit Lanyard is fabricated using the same techniques you’re already familiar with. No new equipment to buy and RevoFit Lanyard fabrication is straightforward to learn.

Why Use RevoFit Lanyard?

We developed RevoFit Lanyard for patients who have difficulty putting on their socket. Because of the mechanical leverage created by the Boa dial, it easily draws their limb into position inside the socket without the patient having to stand up and force their leg into the device.

And, RevoFit Lanyard is eligible for reimbursement under L5671.

Easily Draw Liner Into Socket With A 2:1 Mechanical Advantage

The Boa dial provides 2:1 mechanical advantage allowing the user the ability to draw the liner more easily than other lanyard systems.

Mount Dial Anywhere

The dial can be mounted anywhere to accommodate the patient’s functional needs and is easily adjustable through clothes and during activity.

Automatic Alignment

The lanyard automatically positions the liner in the correct alignment. Eliminating pin lock frustrations.

Don While Seated

RevoFit Lanyard gives patients the ability to don while seated.

It‘s the best socket I’ve ever had.

“I’ve logged over 1,000 miles on my bike with the RevoFit Lanyard. I love the fact that I can adjust the fit. In the morning I can wear it a little looser and then as my residual limb shrinks during the day, I can tighten it. So far it’s been the best socket I’ve had.”

~ Kevin Mayberry

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the warranty?

Six months for the dial for manufacturer’s defects.

What if the dial breaks, is it replaceable?

Yes, the entire reel is replaceable, which includes: dial, dial housing and spool.

How much lace can the lanyard system store?

Maximum capacity for spool is 55cm of standard lace.

What is the lace made of?

Our standard lace is made of 300 pound Spectralon.

Do you have heavy duty lace?

500 pound Spectralon could also be used, but it has a larger dimension and decreases the spool capacity to 40cm.

How do I thread the lace through the socket?

Each kit comes with a 60 cm metal lace feeder.

Is the system waterproof?

Yes, it could be submersed in a pool of hot chocolate and be fine.

How often do I change the lace?

Check lace frequently for signs of fraying and replace as needed. Minimum 1x per year.

Can it be used for upper limb prosthetic devices?

Yes, UL liners would require the purchase of the small UL threaded insert.

What patient impact levels can this be used for?

Low to high activity range. High activity users will want to check filament often.

Is RevoFit Lanyard covered by an exiting L-Code?

Yes, RevoFit Lanyard is eligible for reimbursement under L5671!

How does the lanyard create an air lock?

The o-rings on the threaded insert create a seal when they are fully seated within the distal housing unit.

What is the build height of the dial?

22 mm.

What is the build height of the distal housing?

24 mm.

What is the diameter of the dial?

33 mm.

How much does the kit weigh?

Approximately 50 grams or less than 2 ounces.

Where can I mount the dial?

The dial can be mounted anywhere on the device.

What if my patient has range of motion limitations?

You can mount the dial more proximal or medial for easier patient access.

What if my patient has limited hand strength and can’t pull the dial to release?

Make a finger loop out of extra lace and attach it to the dial head.

Can the lanyard be used with thermoplastics?

The lamination kit is compatible with with some thermoplastic coupling systems. If you want to mount the dial externally, you will also need to purchase the Retro-Kit.

How much pull force does the lanyard have?

The mid power dial can create 145 pounds of line tension.

Mechanical Leverage

The RevoFit Lanyard is easy to operate and the system guarantees that the force applied to the dial is translated directly to drawing the limb into the socket. The Boa system creates 2:1 mechanical leverage which gives the user the ability to draw in the limb more easily than other lanyard systems.

This solution is ideal for persons with limited strength and/or dexterity.

Joe Mahon

“The Revofit Lanyard uses the mechanical advantage of the Boa reel for increased power and control.  This makes it easier for the patient to use and is a great improvement over traditional lanyard methods.”

Joe MahonInventor of the RevoFit Lanyard
Mechanical Advantage

Standard Fabrication

The RevoFit Lanyard is fabricated using the same techniques you’re already familiar with.

No new equipment to buy and RevoFit Lanyard fabrication is straightforward to learn.

Overview Video

Learn more about the newest solution in the RevoFit product line.

Lanyard Video

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