Better Together

RevoLimb and Click Medical have merged to bring more Boa® Closure System solutions to the O&P Market. We now offer the RevoFit line of solutions to create an adjustable prosthetic socket.

Click Medical Solutions

Our solutions make it simple to integrate Boa® components into orthotic, casting, and prosthetic devices by clinicians and central fabricators.

OrthoFit Lacers  

Lacer Compression Solutions

The OrthoFit Lacer Kits provides unique, micro-adjustable fit with one-handed donning & doffing.

ClickFit Strap

ClickFit Dynamic Strap Solutions

Give your patients a mechanical advantage for easily creating secure fit and improved function with the ClickFit Strap solutions.

RevoFit Adjustable Prosthetic Socket

RevoFit prosthetic Solutions

New generation of technology designed to provide a micro-adjustable prosthetic device that allows instant control of the socket fit.

RevoFit for an Adjustable Prosthetic Socket

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