We have launched our newest product, the RevoFit Lanyard, a simple to use system that allows amputees to easily draw and lock their limb into their prosthetic socket with significant mechanical advantage.

The new RevoFit Lanyard solves the problem of the patient having to force their limb into the socket all while cleanly and securely positioning and suspending the limb. It is fabricated into a socket in much the same way as other lanyard products and is straightforward to assemble, easy to fabricate, and simple to incorporate into a prosthesis. The kit is available now and is coded under existing code L5671.

Benefits of the RevoFit Lanyard:

  • Amputees can don the socket while seated
  • Easy access to control dial
  • Boa Dial system gives the amputee more power to don the
  • No dangling cord to store – everything is contained in the Dial
  • Safe for use in water or harsh elements
  • Works well with suction seal-in liners

“We wanted to make a lanyard system that would easily allow the patient to correctly position their limb in their prosthesis while seated and without using excessive force,” says Joe Mahon, prosthetist and Click Medical co-founder, who developed the new RevoFit Lanyard. “The Revofit Lanyard accomplishes this by using the mechanical advantage of the Boa reel.”

On September 20, we sat down with co-owner of Click Medical and inventor of the RevoFit Lanyard Joe Mahon. He explained his motivation for creating this solution and the difference it will make in the industry. Click below to listen to the recording of the conversation!

Purchase the RevoFit Lanyard today!

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