New Partnership With Ottobock Opens Many Doors

RevoFit adjustable sockets are now more easily available as of early December, due to the recent partnership between Click Medical and Ottobock. Now this innovative technology will be available through Ottobock’s Central Fabrication Service located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now, patients can make socket fit adjustments anytime, anywhere as it is needed. RevoFit adjustable sockets are designed to provide fine-tune compression within the socket by using custom created and moveable panels targeted to specific areas of the limb.

RevoFit adjustable sockets are an excellent complement to our portfolio of Central Fabrication services,” said Pete Nohre, director of Business Development for Ottobock North America. “For years, we have excelled in unique or difficult fittings to help our customers expand their work bench and offer more to patients. The RevoFit adjustable socket is another example of how Ottobock helps customers offer unique fitting solutions to their patients.”

Jimmy Capra, CEO, Click Medical expresses his own eagerness to have these solutions more widely distributed. “We are excited to have Ottobock’s skilled and experienced fabrication team trained and ready to support the fabrication of the growing number of RevoFit micro-adjustable sockets.”

Some benefits that this solution provides the patient are:
– Patient autonomy: patients choose how loose or tight they want their socket
– Easy dial-in fit: Easily customize the fit, feel and performance of the prosthesis by fine-tuning compression within the socket.
– Quick donning/doffing: Drastically shorten socket application time by releasing and expanding the socket.

If you’re interested in learning more about patient benefits, click here.

But these solutions do more than benefit the patient! As a practitioner, incorporating these solutions will reduce patient/practitioner follow up visits, which in turn helps with your overhead clinic costs as a whole. Click here to watch a short video on the benefits these solutions can provide for you.

About Ottobock: Ottobock uses innovative technology, superior service, and world-class education to help people with physical mobility challenges. Established in 1919 in Germany, Ottobock opened its doors in the U.S. in 1958 and in Canada in 1978. Currently in its third generation as a privately held company, Ottobock offers products and services to help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

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